The Big Frog Theory – new edition

Today I have published a new paperback version of "The Big Frog Theory". The new edition is published under the Coverstory books imprint, and should be available via a range of on-line retailers and by order through bookshops. The format and layout of old version - being one of the first of my books published … Continue reading The Big Frog Theory – new edition

Some kind of biorhythm: writing, revising, publishing…

Having recently finished the first draft of my new novel - "At Maunston Quay" - and having drawn a line under what may well prove to be my next collection of poetry - I am in editing mode again. It's a strange time in many ways. I like it because it's a period filled with promise, … Continue reading Some kind of biorhythm: writing, revising, publishing…

“If We Were Villains”

A week ago I was having a bad time with two books. Funny how they turned out. One I gave really disliked and gave up on, the second - M.L.Rio's "If We Were Villains" - I not only managed to see through to the end, but eventually ended up quite liking. The original problem? After … Continue reading “If We Were Villains”


If you are going to be even remotely honest, you have to eschew reputation - and reputation as a poet is something Andrew McMillan is gaining in the UK. For my part, however, his collection "playtime" left me remarkably cold. So cold, in fact, that I have just given up reading it, unable to see … Continue reading “playtime”

Having a bad week…

Not me personally, you understand. Just in terms of what I'm reading. I have two books on the go - one fiction, one poetry - and when it comes to writing my short reviews here, I can already see they will pose a problem. I'm not naive or vain enough to think what I say … Continue reading Having a bad week…

Wake up and smell the Kindle…

I'm a snob. There, I said it. I have a prejudice towards books; real, physical - wonderful! - things you can hold in your hands, flick through, weigh, sniff... Books are one of the vessels through which people open doors onto the world, their ideas, their souls. I love books. Which means - doesn't it? … Continue reading Wake up and smell the Kindle…

Would this be acceptable – or theft?

I have just read Ted Hughes' poem "Chaucer" from the volume 'Birthday Letters', a vast collection of pieces written for / about Sylvia Plath. The thing that struck me about "Chaucer" - indeed as it has about many of the poems I have thus far read in the book - is that they read like … Continue reading Would this be acceptable – or theft?

“The Bedlam Stacks”

As a writer, Natasha Pulley's "The Bedlam Stacks" annoys me - because it's so good. As a reader, I love it. I hope that contradiction is permissible... She has a talent of effortlessly taking you on a journey in such a way as to let you know that you are safe in her hands. Her … Continue reading “The Bedlam Stacks”

Changing Trains

Changing Trains An express lances through a verdant cutting. Insistent, a tell-tale whistle of air compressed against an aerodynamic shell; air forced aside as the train has somewhere more important to be. The tuning-fork wheel hum on unending miles of extruded track robs us of a heartbeat, like grieving for that throat-clearing cough from the … Continue reading Changing Trains


After nearly five months I have just finished my first draft of my new novel, "At Maunston Quay". 102,000 words, or thereabouts. How good does that feel!! Aiming for the end of March 2019 for publication. A week or two not thinking about it, and then on with the first of two revisions. Joy... Ideas … Continue reading Finished!