What’s Next?

Having spent so much of the first part of 2017 focussed on getting my paperbacks ready and then drafting this site and putting it live, you would imagine that something of a pause would be welcome. Not so, I find. I guess it comes from being goal-oriented, but not having something to ‘finish’ in the immediate short-term leaves an undoubted gap…

Although I am continuing to work on contributions for “Index of First Lines” and ‘Found’ Poems, I know that I need to kick my prose writing into gear again; to re-energise my fiction production – even if I find that ancient question of ‘Poet or Author?’ once again raising its ugly head…

However, given that I seem not to be quite in the narrative writing space just yet, I have settled on completing a submission for a poetry competition (min. 50-page volume) which has a closing date in about three weeks. I have about 85%-90% of what I need already, so that’s good. And it feels great (sadly?!) to have the submission date to aim for.

Will keep Writeral ‘posted’..!

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