Revisions: one down and two to go…

After about a month’s work, I have just completed the first screen-based revision of my next novel, “At Maunston Quay”. Now I can put it down (metaphorically) for a few weeks before a second screen-based review in December and then a proof review during January. Publication date is now the beginning of February 2019.

It’s a great place to be, knowing that essentially the book is ‘written’ and all that remains will be the filtering out of silly mistakes: inconsistencies in tense or timeline; annoying repetitions of the same word in close proximity which makes the text clumsy; simplifying the over-complex; identifying the rogue words that always trip me up – like typing ‘form’ rather than ‘from’…

And having completed the first review, I am free again to start writing prose once more. Because the next thing I write will be stylistically different, I have to be confident that I can avoid ‘cross contamination’ between pieces. I think I’m on safe ground now.

In addition to starting prose again – and I already have a working title for my next piece! – I have a slim volume of new poetry to edit. More anon.

That’s how November’s shaping up…!

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