When is a ‘diary’ not…

If anyone happened to stray onto the “My Writing Diary” page of this site, they would think I was a lazy so-and-so. I’ve just checked: the last entry there was 10 months ago! Since then, I have finished the novel I was working on at that time, and published a collection of poetry. Not only that, but I’m well into a couple of new projects…

The truth is, I write almost every day. Sometimes it might be twenty minutes tweaking the odd word in a number of poems, sometimes drafting 1,000 words of a novel, sometimes reworking the 500 words I wrote the day before. Whatever it is, I never keep a record. So the answer to the question “when is a diary not a diary?” is, of course, “when it isn’t”…

Which leaves me two options. Remove the page altogether from the site, or try and keep it up-to-date – or at least more up-to-date than an entry every 10 months!

So we’ll try the latter (I think it might be ‘again’…) and see how we go.

[For the record, yesterday I worked on revising one or two poems, and drafted about 800 words of my new novel…]

My Writing Diary

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