Although I have been writing for many years, I still suffer from that common complaint felt by all writers at one time or another – namely, the nagging uncertainty around the quality and relevance of their work.

I have been particularly prolific since the turn of the century – and especially so since discovering the freedoms of independent publishing.

The challenge is not in being prolific, nor having ideas and turning them into something tangible; the challenge is the validation of that output. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that validation is clearly measurable these days. It’s visible in the numbers: of reads, of likes, of followers, of – heaven forbid! – sales… That validation – like it or not some kind of mark on the scale of self-esteem – can only be pursued through ever-greater output, both in terms of volume and – hopefully! – quality. If there’s a circle there, is it virtuous and upwards or a vicious spiral downwards?

Either way, self-belief and faith have a part to play.Read, like, share, follow, buy… I’m in your hands…