“Perfume River”

Riveting and brilliant… After “Late City” I was looking forward to my second Robert Olen Butler – and “Perfume River” didn’t disappoint. There were a number of things I liked about this book: I already have my next Butler waiting to be read…


I read this poem at an event at the fifth Ripon Poetry Festival over the weekend. A member of the audience described it as ‘exceptional’. Grief there is a space where you used to be I see it on grey station platforms and in shuffling supermarket aisles strange how it is never occupied despite the… Read More Grief

In the Library

The library is one large first floor open-plan space. At this end of it, in the reference section, six tables: four uniquely shaped allow pairing to make two octagonals; the other two – rectangles – form a square). Purple chairs surround all three arrangements. Purple is the theme here: chairs (soft and hard), shelf signs,… Read More In the Library

“Snow Country”

I liked Sebastian Faulks’ “Snow Country”. That’s the simple summary. It was all you would expect it to be: well-written, well-paced, interesting and complex characters and plot… However, now you expect there’s a ‘but’ coming… But I thought the ending was far too neat and predictable. You could see what was coming from some way… Read More “Snow Country”

when death comes knocking

when death comes knocking is it better to be prepared have an appointment so you can be packed and ready watch him as he saunters self-assured up the garden path or be taken by surprise the sudden rap at the door like an unexpected delivery you assume is a scam