“The Waiting Room” – a short story

I have just posted a reading of “The Waiting Room” to my Walking Thru’ Fire podcast; you can find it here. This is the initial story in my Degrees of Separation collection, and concerns a chance meeting at a remote branch-line railway station one cold January. More information on the collection can be found here.


When I started reading William Boyd’s “Trio” I thought it was some kind of joke. The characters’ names were first to ring alarm bells: Elfrida, Troy, Cornell, Talbot. Indeed, ‘Elfrida’ is the first word. And the style of the opening read a little like an uninspired 1940s or 1950s Hollywood melodrama – a notion that… Read More “Trio”

I’m being interviewed!

On Friday 25th November I am being interviewed in Harrogate Library as part of their ‘Books and Beverages’ series. The interview will cover both my writing and publishing exploits. I’m looking forward to it hugely! Although this is an in-person event, it is also being filmed and streamed, and will be available ‘live’ and from… Read More I’m being interviewed!

“Starve Acre”

It’s fair to say that it would be entirely realistic to suggest that one could sit down and read Andrew Michael Hurley’s “Starve Acre” in a single session. The book is the right size, well-written, and rattles along at a suitable pace to make consumption in one go not a ridiculous notion. What is less… Read More “Starve Acre”

“Perfume River”

Riveting and brilliant… After “Late City” I was looking forward to my second Robert Olen Butler – and “Perfume River” didn’t disappoint. There were a number of things I liked about this book: I already have my next Butler waiting to be read…

“Snow Country”

I liked Sebastian Faulks’ “Snow Country”. That’s the simple summary. It was all you would expect it to be: well-written, well-paced, interesting and complex characters and plot… However, now you expect there’s a ‘but’ coming… But I thought the ending was far too neat and predictable. You could see what was coming from some way… Read More “Snow Country”