Something for nothing – really?!

Five days ago I made an offer of a free book to WordPress readers. A number of people liked the post and checked-out the link, but no-one signed up for either of the books. This bothered me somewhat as my audience is largely driven by fellow writers and readers, people who search for things tagged as 'writing', … Continue reading Something for nothing – really?!

The Cut-out

The Cut-out   I try and imagine the irregular space he will leave, the awkwardness of it. Will it have boundaries, soft-boiled edges to compromise if you’re not too careful, like stranger-bumping in a Tesco’s chiller aisle? Stolen from unconcerned history and devoid of value, I could take this abstract replica in all its coarse … Continue reading The Cut-out

FREE BOOK to say ‘Thank you’

In order to say 'Thank you' to those of you who have read and followed and my blog over the past two years or so, I would like to offer you a free copy of one of my books in ebook format. The choices are either my collection of short stories, "Secrets & Wisdom", … Continue reading FREE BOOK to say ‘Thank you’


a few precious words are released unprotected into the maelstrom   living on their wits and the genius to melt into an image   the mind’s eye trick to trace pattern myth and ghosts in the never-there   when we caress them our crass manipulation falls so often short   yet there they remain imperious … Continue reading Untitled

A life of its own.

One of the things I have learned over the last few years - especially recently - is that, when trying to write the concrete things we call 'books', they have a dynamic all their own. Sitting down and writing a short story or a poem off-the-cuff is probably the most relaxed kind of writing there … Continue reading A life of its own.

No rhyme nor reason…

Sometimes, almost magically, words surprise you. Especially when you're not looking for them, settling down perhaps to watch tv or listen to music; just when you imagine your concentration is elsewhere. How can you write anything when you don't mean to...? Yesterday evening - and obviously not quite finished... a cracked voice tries to recapture … Continue reading No rhyme nor reason…

Gas Street Basin

In Birmingham early for a business meeting, I found myself whiling away the time at the Gas Street Basin on the Birmingham and Worcester canal. It had been the haunt of my first canal holiday way back in the seventies. Redeveloped over the years, only the canal remained the same: the same shape, the same … Continue reading Gas Street Basin

“Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods”

There is a great deal in Tishani Doshi's "Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods" that, one might argue, has more the narrative than the poetic about it. Snapshots from Doshi's life, travels, encounters. In spite of this almost semi-prosaic style, there is a great deal here that is engaging, warm. I confess that part … Continue reading “Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods”

Early Edition

Early Edition They stand on the pavement waiting.   Up before everyone, larks and all, they stroll down the road ever slower struggling not to beat the first bus from the depot and failing because they must get out.   Today they are too early again.   Unlocking a grill-protected door paint-flaked from too many … Continue reading Early Edition

As I went out one morning…

When I was out jogging this morning - early, in the rain - I saw something that my mind immediately translated into words: Green. Round. Spikey. On the black roughness of a pavement improperly made the first horse chestnut. I love it when that happens. It's something I have no control over. Luckily I only … Continue reading As I went out one morning…