I’ve no idea what this is…

Nearly two months ago I wrote these three lines, straight into a draft post, certain that something would come of them. I've revisited them several times since, always with the expectation that somehow they would 'take off' and lead me to a different outcome, a more comprehensive 'thing'. But nothing ever happens. Maybe they're meant … Continue reading I’ve no idea what this is…

Congregation at a Twitcher’s Sunset

Congregation at a Twitcher’s Sunset   “They beat out rhythmic drum solos on hollow trees. They watch me, watching them. They watch me as spies would, always out of reach.   “Some bring gifts. Gift-giving is their natural repertoire placing them where they can’t be missed. By my bed, a small wooden box, each compartment … Continue reading Congregation at a Twitcher’s Sunset

“Shrines of Upper Austria”

The back cover of Phoebe Power's "Shrines of Upper Austria" promotes a 'formally restless collection' - and that's exactly right; the book employs multiple technical forms from the more traditionally poetic through to plain, undifferentiated prose. And because the sources are also eclectic - for example some reported speech, some German - what we end … Continue reading “Shrines of Upper Austria”

“Who Is Mary Sue?”

Sophie Collins' book "Who Is Mary Sue?" is another of those eclectic collections of words masquerading under the title of 'poetry'. There are a few poems in the book, but also snippets of prose, chunks of quotation, various flavours of narrative... At one point I was reminded - somewhat obscurely! - of Ezra Pound and … Continue reading “Who Is Mary Sue?”

“Staying Alive”

I don't usually read poetry anthologies, however "Staying Alive - real poems for unreal times" had such great comments - and was so big! - that I thought I'd give it a go. (Though on reflection, how well known are Mia Farrow and Meryl Streep for their poetry criticism..?) It remains unfinished. I've struggled through … Continue reading “Staying Alive”

And then I read this…

A few weeks ago I received a request from the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries for five copies of my novel, "Mirrors". The ALDL are responsible for harvesting copies of new books to be lodged with five of the greatest libraries in the UK and Ireland: the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, the Cambridge University … Continue reading And then I read this…

Punctuations from History

My new volume of poetry, "Punctuations from History" is now at the printers and I'm waiting for my draft copy to arrive. It is currently slated to go on sale on February 5th. * I have decided to intersperse re-reading some favourite classics in between new fiction. Perhaps over forty years since I first read … Continue reading Punctuations from History

“Hello, your promise has been extracted”

Maybe I should just stop reading 'modern' poetry. Or should I say, "poetry". Because I'm afraid most of Ahren Warner's book simply doesn't at all fit with what I'd consider to be poetry. Some of it does - but a big chunk doesn't. The good / clever / stunning images that are present just get … Continue reading “Hello, your promise has been extracted”