“Memory Wall”

Although I first came across Anthony Doerr through his novel “All the Light We Cannot See”, if you wanted a more subtle introduction then his collection of short stories then “Memory Wall” wouldn’t be a bad place to start. The stories are engaging and well-written, and you somehow feel ‘safe’ in Doerr’s hands. The subject… Read More “Memory Wall”

“Tenth of December”

Perhaps to start with a caution. Even though “Tenth of December” is a collection of short stories, you are going to have to work at them. This is partly because of their gritty realism, and partly because of remarkably fluid style George Saunders chooses to write them in. Often you find a mixture of real… Read More “Tenth of December”


I can’t quite decide whether or not I should recommend this small Vintage ‘mini’ as a suitable introduction to the work of Haruki Murakami. The stories in “Desire” are more or less typical of his style and – interestingly – they give each of his major into-English translators a run-out too. (Through experience, I’ve found… Read More “Desire”

Welshman – a reading

I have always wanted to read my short story “Welshman”. Written a while ago, it was published in 2017 in my collection of short stories “Secrets & Wisdom”. I hope you like it.

Forthcoming Public Event!

Really looking forward to appearing on the panel of writers at this free event in Ripon Library on 14th March, being grilled about being a writer – and only having a minute to answer each question!

Is there room in the market for a new literary journal?

The idea is simple enough. A bi-annual literary compendium containing prose, poetry, and literary non-fiction. It would be produced in paperback book not pamphlet form, and probably run to about 200-pages long. Significantly, the bulk of the content would most likely come from writers capable of crafting high-quality material yet who are struggling to get… Read More Is there room in the market for a new literary journal?


One of the things at which Kazuo Ishiguro excels is writing first person characters who have flawed views of themselves; they believe they are perfectly rational, charming, intelligent, while all the while they are something other. And he depicts them in such a way as to allow us to see both sides, permitting us to… Read More “Nocturnes”

Getting published is easy; it’s getting read that’s hard…

Someone’s moved the goal posts. The Holy Grail has shifted. It used to be that writers dreamed of being published, because ‘being published’ meant something. Now, thanks to Indie Publishing and services likes Amazon’s KDP, lulu, IngramSpark etc., getting published is a piece of cake; having your words turned to into real physical books (or… Read More Getting published is easy; it’s getting read that’s hard…

Kindle ebook offers!

Check out my Author page on Amazon. Over the next two weeks there are various offers on a number of my books: “An Infinity of Mirrors” – my largest and most ambitious novel, 18th-25th July, just $0.99! “Degrees of Separation” – short stories, 19th-22nd July, FREE! “At Maunston Quay” – my latest novel, 18th-25th July,… Read More Kindle ebook offers!

Free book offer

I would like to offer a free ebook copy of my collection of short stories “Secrets & Wisdom”. Unfortunately I cannot embed an ebook file into the site, only a pdf which is not great. But the offer stands. So if you would like a copy of “Secrets & Wisdom” please let me have an… Read More Free book offer