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Update 7th September

It has been far too long since I updated this page. Indeed, since I updated a number of my pages. A job for the weekend, then. For here:

  • “At Maunston Quay” – a novel where I have about 16,000 words to go before the first draft is finished. Aiming for publication in the spring, 2019.
  • A new poetry collection is about 60% completed. It will be easier to finish one the novel is drafted. Again aiming for a spring publication.

I think that’s enough, don’t you?

Update 19th May:

  • “An Infinity of Mirrors”: published 1st May
  • “Degrees of Separation”: published 14th May
  • “After the Rehearsals”: published 14th May
  • Starting work on one or two new things, tentatively…

Update 18th April:

  • “An Infinity of Mirrors”: proof copy arrived, awaiting final review
  • “Degrees of Separation”: draft finished; proof copy to be ordered
  • “After the Rehearsals”: draft finished; proof copy ordered and awaiting delivery

Update 7th April: Great progress!

  • “Mirrors” as before.
  • Short story collection: now >140 pages in and just two stories left. Should reach the 160 page target draft by the 15th April. Revision then through May with a revised publication & launch reading at the end of June.
  • Narrative poem: draft complete. Revision starts next week. Hopefully published with a launch reading in June.

Update 1st April:

  • “Mirrors” re-edit is now complete and I am awaiting my proof copy. The book will be republished as “An Infinity of Mirrors” on or before 21st May 2018.
  • Short story collection: now 120 pages in and five stories left. Aiming to reach the 160 page target draft by the end of April / early May.
  • Narrative poem: up to page 104. Seven poems left. Aiming for the same timescale as above. Hopefully published in June with a launch reading in July.

Update: mid-March 2018

  • “Mirrors” re-edit. I have reached Chapter 30 out of 41 and am scandalised by a) the number of typos I missed first time round, and b) the odd really clumsy sentence (where I was obviously trying to be too clever!). Fixing most, hopefully. I can’t go too far with the awkward sentences as that would risk destroying the overall integrity of the style…it’s an effort of its time, I’m afraid. Still on schedule for a summer re-publication.
  • Short story collection. I have made it to page 90 or 9 stories in. This should be about half way. On that basis, again a summer publication is on the cards.
  • Narrative poem. Progress is still good – though harder to judge than the two projects above. I’m probably just under half way through. Given I’ve no idea how long re-work/editing will take, this one’s looking like the back end of the summer before it sees the light of day.

I’m hoping to be able to have some kind of ‘event’ later on this year to hopefully launch at least two of these. Watch this space!

Update: February 2018 – I’m currently working on three things: a re-edit of my novel “Mirrors”, to be published under a new title (probably) in the summer; a new collection of short stories, hopefully ready for the autumn; and a narrative poem(s), again targeting a summer publication.

I have discovered that the value of a page like this manifests itself when working towards a deadline e.g. the final stages of revision for a new publication. So whilst I am writing now (and quite a lot), these are drafts towards a couple of works-in-progress. On that basis, I am unlikely to be making a regular entry here until into the New Year.

[4th December 2017]

  • 17th September, 2017
    • Published “Telling the time” in the 100-word challenge series
  • 23rd August, 2017
    • Published “Islanders” – a poem
  • 17th August, 2017
    • Published “Making the connection”, “The Seeds”, “Knocking-off time” – three pieces of ‘flash fiction’
  • 4th August, 2017
    • Published “Veritas” – a poem
  • 21st July: “Secrets & Wisdom” is published tomorrow; “Human Archaeology” was published on Tuesday. WHAT A WEEK!

So it’s now the 9th July and I suddenly realise that I haven’t been keeping this diary up-to-date… Why? Largely because I have been so absorbed in getting “Human Archaeology” and “Secrets & Wisdom” ready for the printers… The latest is:

  • “Human Archaeology” – the proof copy is due to be delivered to me tomorrow. If everything is OK, then I can promote and release it! First book with new publisher/printer, so everything’s crossed!
  • “Secrets & Wisdom” – final copy is ready for one last read through, and the cover is prepared. As soon as I know that the quality of the finished physical article will be good, then I’ll be striving to be able to order a proof copy ideally by the end of next week.

Ages ago I set myself the target of being done by mid-July. Looking good for that!

Hopefully I’ll be able to resume regular updates to this page once I get into actually writing again!

  • 28th June –
    • Started work on setting up my title(s) with my publishing engine…
  • 21st June, – 27th June 2017
    • Proofread / edited 270 pages – and breathe!
  • 8th June – 20th June, 2017
    • Proofread / edited 219 pages
  • 7th June, 2017
    • Published “The Fortune Teller” blog post
  • 6th June, 2017
    • Published “Wallpaper (2)” in the 100-word challenge series
  • 27th May – 5th June, 2017
    • Proofread / edited 88 pages
  • 26th May, 2017
    • First round of sequencing completed. Now to 260 pages of revision…!
  • 25th May, 2017
    • Sequencing “HA” material (this could become a theme..!)
  • 24th May, 2017
    • Sequencing “HA” material
    • Published the “Anything’s Possible” blog post
  • 23rd May, 2017
    • Published “Wallpaper (1)” in the 100-word challenge series
  • 22nd May, 2017
    • Draft content for “Human Archaeology” selected and printed ready for editing
    • Started work on sequencing “HA” material
  • 21st May, 2017
    • Decision taken on publishing “Human Archaeology” [aka “2017-H1”]; blog published
  • 20th May, 2017
    • Published “The Blackwood Convention” in the 100-word challenge series
    • Finished redrafting “The Bay Tree” for “The Empty Box”
  • 19th May, 2017
    • Finished redrafting “Vinno” for “The Empty Box”
    • Started redrafting “The Bay Tree” for “The Empty Box”
  • 18th May, 2017
    • Completed “Murder Mystery (or Archaeology V)” [poem]
    • Finished redrafting “The Interview” for “The Empty Box”
    • Started redrafting “Vinno” for “The Empty Box”
  • 16th & 17th May, 2017
    • Continued work on a new ‘found’/’curated’ poem, tentatively titled “Murder Mystery”
    • Started redrafting “The Interview” for “The Empty Box”
  • 15th May, 2017
    • Started work on a new ‘found’/’curated’ poem, tentatively titled “Murder Mystery”
    • Published “Carbon Dating” in the 100-word challenge series – along with the much longer original. Comments welcome!
  • 14th May, 2017
    • Published “The Natural Light Alarm Clock” in the 100-word challenge series, this partly inspired by yesterday’s ‘Dark Side’ workshop.
    • Completed “The Superiority of Nature” [poem] – title may change…
  • 13th May, 2017
    • Attended an all-day Ripon Writers’ workshop on the subject of “The Dark Side”  led by an external speaker, Steve Toase. A number of pieces of flash fiction might make their way to this site.
  • 11th May, 2017
    • Completed “The Permanence of Shrapnel” [poem] – and it’s not often I go ‘wow’, but ‘Wow!’…
    • Completed “Gauntlet” [poem] – title may change…
  • 10th May, 2017
    • Further work on the two new (short) ‘found’/’curated’ poems
    • Redraftied “My Dear Polly” for “The Empty Box”
  • 9th May, 2017
    • Started work on two new (short) ‘found’/’curated’ poems
  • 8th May, 2017
    • Added another 633 words and completed the first draft of the ‘as yet untitled short story’; rework to follow
  • 7th May, 2017
    • Working on an as yet untitled short story, probably for “The Empty Box”; added 1247 words to the draft (a candidate entry for the Bridport Prize?)
  • 6th May, 2017
    • Working on an as yet untitled short story, probably for “The Empty Box”; added 950 words to the draft
  • 5th May, 2017
    • Completed “Love-locked” [poem]
    • Completed “Spinning Plates” [poem]
  • 1st May, 2017
    • Redrafted “Spinning Plates” [poem] – needs some work!
    • Redrafted “Evening Class” for “The Empty Box”
  • 30th April, 2017
    • Redrafted “Twins” for “The Empty Box”
    • Redrafted “Old-Age Travellers” for “The Empty Box” (though this may end up in a non-fiction pile somewhere)
    • Redrafted “Funeral” for “The Empty Box” (it may need to be re-titled)
    • Redrafted “Recommended Books” for “The Empty Box”
    • Redrafted “Candles” for “The Empty Box” (but will need some major surgery!)

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