I make no apology…

Completing the first revision of my new novel, "At Maunston Quay", I was struck by how undeniably positive it was. One might even say 'romantic'. Others might use less positive adjectives to demean what they may see as a saccharine viewpoint on life. At a time when many modern novels present us with stories about … Continue reading I make no apology…

Revisions: one down and two to go…

After about a month's work, I have just completed the first screen-based revision of my next novel, "At Maunston Quay". Now I can put it down (metaphorically) for a few weeks before a second screen-based review in December and then a proof review during January. Publication date is now the beginning of February 2019. It's … Continue reading Revisions: one down and two to go…


For once the blurb on the cover of a book veers dangerously close to the heart of the matter, and, in the case of my edition of David Szalay's "Spring", the key word used is 'contemporary'. It is an unashamedly modern take on relationships - even if a little fanciful at times (who in their … Continue reading “Spring”

Don’t joke about Maslow – or who’s laughing now?

I can still remember the first time I used the joke about how wi-fi had become so critical to Teenagers that it was now their number one need above food and shelter etc. Rewrite Maslow's Hierarchy, we said! So who's laughing now? We are renting a cottage in the English countryside where the internet connection … Continue reading Don’t joke about Maslow – or who’s laughing now?

Is it wrong to want to know who’s buying your books?

You can call me a little sad if you want to, but I have established a routine when -  exactly as now - I'm having my breakfast: check my Author dashboard on Goodreads.com to see if there are any new reviews / scores for my books, and, when appropriate, update what I'm reading, like yesterday; … Continue reading Is it wrong to want to know who’s buying your books?

“If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things”

Extraordinary. Jon McGregor's "If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things" is a little bit like watching someone gradually pull an elastic band harder and harder. You know at some point it will snap, but all you can do is watch and feel the tension increase. When it does finally break, the relief is almost palpable. In … Continue reading “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things”

The Big Frog Theory – new edition

Today I have published a new paperback version of "The Big Frog Theory". The new edition is published under the Coverstory books imprint, and should be available via a range of on-line retailers and by order through bookshops. The format and layout of old version - being one of the first of my books published … Continue reading The Big Frog Theory – new edition

Some kind of biorhythm: writing, revising, publishing…

Having recently finished the first draft of my new novel - "At Maunston Quay" - and having drawn a line under what may well prove to be my next collection of poetry - I am in editing mode again. It's a strange time in many ways. I like it because it's a period filled with promise, … Continue reading Some kind of biorhythm: writing, revising, publishing…

“If We Were Villains”

A week ago I was having a bad time with two books. Funny how they turned out. One I gave really disliked and gave up on, the second - M.L.Rio's "If We Were Villains" - I not only managed to see through to the end, but eventually ended up quite liking. The original problem? After … Continue reading “If We Were Villains”


If you are going to be even remotely honest, you have to eschew reputation - and reputation as a poet is something Andrew McMillan is gaining in the UK. For my part, however, his collection "playtime" left me remarkably cold. So cold, in fact, that I have just given up reading it, unable to see … Continue reading “playtime”