“The Kids”

Well, I couldn’t not read it… After all, a poetry book winning the Costa Book of the Year..! When did a poet last win?! (ans. ’99 & ’96 Seamus Heaney, ’98 & ’97 Ted Hughes) I needed to know what all the fuss was about. Well, there are some great poems in Hannah Lowe’s “The… Read More “The Kids”


Perhaps, you could be forgiven for not liking Seven Price’s “Lampedusa”; it’s slow-paced and – unless you’re connected to Southern Italy in some way – the culture that permeates the story may seem a little, well, foreign. But I suggest all that is part of its charm. And it is a charming book. Price paints… Read More “Lampedusa”

New Podcast!

I have just started a brand new Podcast in which I will pull together readings from my various collections of poetry, some short stories, and potentially the serialisation of some of my longer fiction. The Podcast is called ‘Walking Thru Fire‘ and can be found by following the link.