“Reservoir 13”

"Reservoir 13" is unlike any book I have ever read. It is, in it's own way, something of a tour de force. It is a book in which nothing happens - and everything happens. It is a book in which we wait for something to be revealed, and where McGregor's structure and style enhances the … Continue reading “Reservoir 13”

Get a free book!

From yesterday, Goodreads.com - the website for readers and book lovers - is giving away 100 copies of my novella "Losing Moby Dick" to its U.S. members! Nearly half the books have been requested already, but there's still time for my US-based friends to try and bag one! All you need to do is: log-in to … Continue reading Get a free book!

Goodreads – U.S. Giveaway!

From today, Goodreads.com - the website for readers and book lovers - is giving away 100 copies of my novella "Losing Moby Dick" to its U.S. members! All you need to do is: log-in to Goodreads.com follow the link to find and request the Giveaway That's it! 100 people will be chosen at random from those … Continue reading Goodreads – U.S. Giveaway!

And then I read this…

A few weeks ago I received a request from the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries for five copies of my novel, "Mirrors". The ALDL are responsible for harvesting copies of new books to be lodged with five of the greatest libraries in the UK and Ireland: the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, the Cambridge University … Continue reading And then I read this…

“The Outsider”

It may be the translation in my admittedly rather old copy of Camus' "The Outsider", but the language is, very occasionally, decidedly archaic. [My copy is, I confess, nearly forty years' old - which is when I read it last. Its pages are yellowing at the edges..!] But the style is also incredibly sparse, even … Continue reading “The Outsider”

“The Woman on the Stairs”

I thought Bernhard Schlink's "The Woman on the Stairs" was excellent. My initial feeling was that the plot was a little contrived somehow, and there was a part of me that was vaguely uneasy, as if I was the subject of some kind of con. However all such feelings were dissipated partly by the way … Continue reading “The Woman on the Stairs”


It was many years ago I last read "Dubliners". If pushed, I would have to say late 70s or early 80s when I took a Short Story elective at University. I would also have to confess that I probably didn't know what I was reading at the time - nor indeed how to read. I'd … Continue reading “Dubliners”


This is taken from a first draft of a piece that may end up being a novel or novella - or something else entirely! * Eventually she decided she hated the coast. She particularly despised the way the snow fell there; it seemed either to fall as slush or ice, and nothing in between. Were … Continue reading Saltburn