“The Long Take”

Atmospheric. If we ignore the format for a moment, I have to say that Robin Robertson's "The Long Take" is tremendously atmospheric. It paints a picture of post-war America - and the brutality of the D-Day landings of WW2 - brilliantly, weaving the two within the darkness of a Veteran's internal struggles and the rebirth … Continue reading “The Long Take”

“An Infinity of Mirrors”

"An Infinity of Mirrors" is now published and available through your local bookshop (on order) and from on-line retailers such as Waterstones.com and Amazon. Don't be put off by any 'not in stock' messages; currently the book is printed on demand, so they can't have any in stock! "After the Rehearsals" and "Degrees of Separation" … Continue reading “An Infinity of Mirrors”

“The Heart’s Invisible Furies”

First thing to say is that there isn't anything wrong with the writing. But I gave John Boyne's book 200 pages and then had to give up. I'm afraid the subject / genre / style just wasn't for me. I was reminded of J.P.Donleavy's marvellously funny and bizarre books - which I loved and need … Continue reading “The Heart’s Invisible Furies”

“History of Wolves”

Emily Fridlund's book, "History of Wolves" is good in many ways: well written, a slightly off-beat story, a narrative that draws you in and keeps you tied to it. It's nowhere near a 'whodunit' - it's not that genre - but it does keep you thinking that something is about to turn up / happen … Continue reading “History of Wolves”

Writing Diary – update

Way ahead of schedule, so great progress! Update 18th April: Novel - "An Infinity of Mirrors": proof copy arrived, awaiting final review Short Story collection - "Degrees of Separation": draft finished; proof copy to be ordered Poetry - "After the Rehearsals": draft finished; proof copy ordered and awaiting delivery I can now think about planning … Continue reading Writing Diary – update

Detachment (a draft)

“When we found them initially, hopping around in a lab homely & ungainly & quite ordinary, it seemed their behaviours were written into genes like automatons - though that may not be the perfect analogy. or Animals, surely. The defenceless victims of our increasingly elaborate experiments. Small, furry, the kind of four-legged friend that you … Continue reading Detachment (a draft)

“Midwinter Break”

It is perhaps unfortunate that I read "Midwinter Break" after "Lincoln in the Bardo". Having said that, perhaps any 'conventional' novel was always going to feel a little dull and uninspired after "Bardo"... Bernard MacLaverty's book is a perfectly well-written and competent novel. The pictures he paints of the two protagonists are comprehensive enough, and … Continue reading “Midwinter Break”

Announcing new titles!

Coverstory books is pleased to be able to announce the following titles and their projected release dates: "An Infinity of Mirrors" - planned publication date, 21st May 2018 Given his profession as a Historian, it was inevitable that Mark would find himself one day writing the biography of his late father, the acclaimed author Charles … Continue reading Announcing new titles!