An Infinity of Mirrors (2018)

At first he was unsure of what he was actually seeing.  The sun that now shone brightly through the large shop window – and which, to make matters worse, was further enhanced by its reflection off the recently rain-soaked pavement outside – could surely only generate a light that would be prone to playing tricks.… Read More An Infinity of Mirrors (2018)

At Maunston Quay (2019)

The sea is the only constant. Grey waves indulge a brief white collar when they curl and fold inwards, foaming as they stretch up the shallow incline of the beach, striving to reclaim the land. Accompanied by the rhythmic pummelling of the shore, theirs is an onslaught that fears nothing in its perpetual motion. The… Read More At Maunston Quay (2019)

The Opposite of Remembering (2020)

The Funeral “Hello. I don’t believe we’ve met.” She had been observing the woman from afar throughout the service, puzzled that there could be someone in the small congregation she didn’t know. Now, as she approached her – the woman smiling in a gently compassionate way, sharply dressed in a trouser suit not quite dark… Read More The Opposite of Remembering (2020)

A Pattern of Sorts (2020)

Hindsight. The most valuable tool we have for making sense of our place in the world. Valuable? How about unreliable, or fickle, or pernicious? Would we be lost without it? We compile histories within the boundaries of our lives as if sifting through the confusion inside a jigsaw puzzle box to find the straight-edged pieces,… Read More A Pattern of Sorts (2020)

On Parliament Hill (2021)

Her voice had carried him back. There was no definable accent to speak of, no specific twang or rise and fall, no mannerisms to mark it out as distinctive or exceptional. Neither was it the words she uttered; they were merely window-dressing. What he continues to hear, what provokes memory, are elements beyond the vocal:… Read More On Parliament Hill (2021)