For “At Maunston Quay

9781999784089“This is a beautiful book, slow-paced but deep, about some very believable people who come to Maunston Quay, an undistinguished seaside place, with its suggestion of ‘mourning’, and find the possibilities for hope and change. I really liked the way the story takes the characters on a genuine emotional journey, without melodrama or forced plot twists, so that you get the impression of having met real people, flawed but trying to do their best.” – Amazon UK Reader


For “Losing Moby Dicklmd-full-cover-v1-front-only

“Throughly enjoyed this book” – Mary (USA)

“This is a very easy, entertaining and thought provoking read. It explores some interesting and original concepts around what exactly ‘might be discovered’ deep within the heart of an old fashioned bookshop and within oneself.” – Nick (UK)


For “Human ArchaeologyHA Covers x

“A compelling exploration of the meaning of memory and history” – Hamish (UK)

“An imaginative archaeology that is personal, social and cultural…an interesting, special form of poetic plate-spinning…a volume of poetry that deserves careful attention” – David (UK)