Walking Thru Fire

A small but emotive collection of modern poetry. From the iconic journey of “Walking Thru Fire”, through the magnificent “St. Ives”, these poems examine the struggle with love, time and history, reflecting on our modern condition via a broad stylistic range. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes harsh, they offer both an internal and external view of what it is to be ourselves. Like a collection of snapshots in a mixture of black-and-white, sepia and full colour, “Walking Thru Fire” is both an intimate and personal recollection.





I stood on the sea-wall

and watched cormorants diving

into the cold grey sea.

You nearby

– watching me watching them –

knowing I had not seen you

nor spotted your sophisticated

remote control device.

You fooled me with your body

and its language –

and as you fooled me then,

so the cormorants rise always

where I did not expect to see them.


Cormorants diving, you say,

is a simple matter of being able

to hold your breath under water.

Work from “Walking Thru Fire” is now only available in “Collected Poems“.