Welcome to Writeral!

The purpose of this site is not only to provide a home for my published work, but also to act as a focal point for projects and ‘work in progress’. I am trying to keep track of my progress in My Writing Diary.

It is my intention that this site will act as an accelerant and provide motivation to keep the creative juices flowing between major events. It is also a chance for people to feedback – should they wish to – on things they see that, for them, may be working. Or otherwise…

With that in mind, the structure of the site is designed to support this endeavour:


– for those occasional thoughts, insights and news that might be relevant to the ambition of the overall endeavour. [And I recognise now that this is, not unsurprisingly, the trigger for site hits and readership.]

Work in Progress

Update: September 2018 – this section no longer contains my work in progress as originally planned. I now tend to use my blog posts for these updates. On that basis, please check out the blog for the current stuff; most of the links here relate to 2017, though some may see the light of day in the future, and are perhaps of interest for posterity’s sake!

– outlining the projects on-hand, and hopefully a place where I can, from time to time, demonstrate progress towards successful conclusions!

Quick update – 4th December 2017

‘Near Enough’

100-word Challenge

Quick Review – March ’17 (notes)

2017 – H1

The Man Who Waited Until Wednesday

‘Found’ Poems

An Index of First Lines

Secrets and Wisdom

Novels & Novellas

– profiles of novels and novellas already published, and small excerpts to pique your interest. So, stuff you can actually read / buy. (You decide!)

Writing to Gisella

Losing Moby Dick

Riding the Escalators

The Big Frog Theory


Short Stories

– summaries of short stories already published / completed, with links to Amazon (as for novels and poetry) for the published, and including just occasionally perhaps an entire story for free…

How Does It Start?

Stanley Grice

When It Happened

A Strange Kind of Map


– again descriptions of published volumes with appropriate links, plus samples from those volumes.

Punctuations from History

“Human Archaeology”

Collected Poems (1979-2016)

Walking Thru Fire

Second Sight

Sundry Items

– for those things that don’t fit anywhere else!


– just a simple list / few thoughts on what I have been reading lately, for what is writing without reading?!

Hopefully there is enough here to be of interest – and enough to make you want to follow the site to ensure you get updates and insights into how things are going!


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